My Favorite Superfood

Quinoa (KEEN-WAH)

quinoaI don’t think I learned how to pronounce this little grain UNTIL I got my job at WFM this year. I’ve heard countless jokes about the name, pronounced “KEEN-WAH,” but in all honesty this grain is a nutritional powerhouse!
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NJ Food Trucks

☆ ☆ ☆ Finally got to try the all new, vegan and organic Green Radish food truck! They were parked at Montclair’s Farmers Market recently and I was practically drooling in excitement! I tried Read More

Feeling Fall


Steve and I made and afternoon trip to the farmers market and then for a little stroll in the park. Everyday when I’m driving, I can’t help but admire the amazing palette fall has given us! The reds, oranges, yellows and greens, I love them all! Here’s some shots from today, no filters necessary ;)

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Friday’s Fashion Finds

V E G A N  F A S H I O N ?

I can’t lie, it’s been a struggle to transform my wardrobe to a cruelty-free one. And it’s not even fully there yet! To be honest, earlier this year (the first few months of my vegan journey), I was still purchasing shoes and bags made of leather :x But the more and more I think about a cow’s bloody skin being stripped away for personal use, I just cringe! So for me personally, and my journey, I prefer to stay away from leather/wool/silk/cashmere/fleece/etc. fashion items. I’ve only recently begun clearing out my closet of its animal counterparts. (If you know anywhere where I can sell gently used clothes/shoes/bags, please advise me!) Thankfully, I’ve found loads of vegan fashion bloggers and online retailers to help me on this oh so stressful shopping experience (HA!).

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The current system is neither environmentally nor economically sustainable, dependent as it is on fossil fuels and routinely resulting in environmental damage. It’s geared to letting the half of the planet with money eat well while everyone else scrambles to eat as cheaply as possible.

–“How to Feed the World” by Mark Bittman Read More


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